About Cummins Allison

  • Cummins Allison is a global leader in developing advanced technologies and equipment for counting, sorting, imaging and authenticating currency, checks and coins.
  • The privately held, U.S.-based company has a 125-year heritage of leadership in technology and product innovation. Cummins Allison currently serves the majority of all major financial institutions worldwide. Other industries served include: retail, casino and gaming, coin-op and vending, law enforcement and government.
  • Headquartered in the Chicago, IL area, Cummins Allison is the only U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier of coin and currency handling products and solutions. Cummins Allison maintains R&D centers near San Diego, CA and Philadelphia, PA, as well as wholly owned subsidiaries in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and France. It supports an extensive sales and service network, with over 50 offices in North America.
  • Cummins Allison is a recognized technology leader in the design, engineering and commercialization of coin, check and currency handling technology. The company holds over 350 U.S. patents and makes ongoing R&D investments of double the industry average.
  • Cummins Allison's vertically-integrated manufacturing model encompasses design, engineering, precision machining, assembly, testing and QA/QC to ensure the quality, accuracy, consistency and reliability of all its products.

Cummins Allison Products and Solutions

Cummins Allison provides an extensive line of automated check, coin and currency handling products and systems designed to meet the needs and budgets of financial institutions and other businesses and organizations, large, midsized and small.
In developing its currency, check and coin handling products, Cummins Allison engineers strive for excellence. A dedicated R&D team continues to break new ground in leveraging new and emerging sensor and scanning technologies and developing innovative, next- generation products that have an impact the users' efficiency, productivity and profitability.

All Cummins Allison products are designed to deliver unmatched levels of performance and reliability and are rigorously tested to ensure accuracy and consistent quality.
Cummins Allison products include:

  • Currency scanners, sorters and counters
  • Check Imaging and processing solutions
  • Coin counters, sorters and wrappers
  • Self-service coin counting machines
  • Casino transaction kiosks
  • Cash drawer and transaction management systems
  • PC-based cash management software systems
  • Paper and document shredders

Services and Support

All Cummins Allison products are sold and serviced through 50+ factory-owned branch offices strategically located throughout North America. Each branch office has its own Sales Manager, Service Manager, Account Managers, and a team of skilled, factory-trained Service Technicians ready to deliver service even in remote areas. And, each location carries a robust inventory of spare parts to ensure a rapid response to service calls.
The company's international operations include factory-owned offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany and Australia, as well as a network of selected distributors and dealers in other countries around the globe. Cummins Allison's support services include:

  • Pre-sales assessment and technical support to ensure selection of the most practical and appropriate solution
  • Account Managers' oversight of the entire solution installation and implementation
  • Flexible and customized end user training at the customer's location(s)
  • A full menu of preventative maintenance and service options to fit every customer's need and budget